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Bucks County Awards $325K to Morrisville Borough

The Bucks County Commissioners and HUD have approved a $325,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to Morrisville Borough in a major step forward towards the completion of the square block around Historic Summerseat and Patriots Park.  The grant funding was awarded through a competitive application process.  The grant will fully fund Phase II of a project to construct new curbs, sidewalks, ADA accessible curb ramps, and storm water inlets for an entire square block surrounding Summerseat and Patriots Park.  In early 2019, Phase I was completed with CDBG grant funding, which included the Hillcrest Avenue portion of the block and storm water inlets.  Phase II will extend and complete the Legion Avenue, Harper Avenue, and Clymer Avenue portions of the square block.  Morrisville Borough expects to be in a position to solicit bids for the project before the end of the year and to finish construction by April 1, 2020. Borough Manager Scott Mitchell thanked the Bucks County Commissioners for their commitment to this project.  “This complex, multi-year, legacy project has had tremendous support from a lot of people over the years and would not have been possible without the commitment of the Bucks County Commissioners, Mitchell said.”

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