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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 2019 Roadway & Travel Advisory

Morrisville Borough, PA, July 9, 2019 — Morrisville Borough, PennDOT, and Conrail have roadway improvements planned that will impede travel and cause temporary road closures and lane restrictions.

This work will cause temporary inconvenience for a long-term benefit.  More specific instructions will be provided during the course of roadway improvements to include updated general announcements, media advisories, signs posted on streets, and flyer distribution door-to-door.  Slow down and exercise caution in work zones.  Pay attention to instructions and plan accordingly.  Avoid work zones when possible.  Expect delays.

Conrail plans rail line track work on S. Delmorr Avenue (from Bridge Street to E. Philadelphia Avenue) that will cause temporary road closure to portions of the road and lane restrictions to portions of the road.  Conrail site preparation could begin as early as July 22 with the bulk of the track work scheduled to take place July 29 to August 2.  Morrisville Borough plans to mill and pave S. Delmorr Avenue upon the completion of Conrail’s track work to the rail line.

In addition to S. Delmorr Avenue, Morrisville Borough plans to mill and pave E. Philadelphia Avenue, Union Street, and portions of Washington Street.  The milling and paving of these streets will start on August 5 and will take approximately 7 to 10 days for completion depending upon the amount of base repair needed to these streets.  All work schedules are subject to change and weather may cause delays.

As part of a separate state project, PennDOT plans to mill and pave Trenton Avenue, N. Delmorr Avenue, and Bridge Street.  PennDOT will publish its own notice prior to starting this work.  PennDOT recently repaved W. Philadelphia Avenue.

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