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2017 Rate Restructure for Sewer and Water

Water rates for metered service shall be as follows:

For the first    5,000 gallons per quarter………..$8.54 per thousand  $  42.70
For the next  20,000 gallons per quarter……….7.79 per thousand  $ 155.80
For the next  25,000 gallons per quarter……….$7.63 per thousand

Bulk rate (customers under contract for a minimum of 500,000 gallons
per day)………………………………………………..$4.33 per thousand
Metering charge per quarter ………………………..$2.00

The minimum charge for metered service is $44.70 per quarter which includes the first 5,000 gallons consumed per quarter.

Sewer rates for metered service shall be as follows:

For the first     5,000 gallons per quarter………….$5.81 per thousand $  29.05
For all over     5,000 gallons per quarter…………..$5.71 per thousand

The minimum charge for metered service is $29.05 per quarter which
includes the first 5,000 gallons discharged per quarter.

The rates for multiple units (which are not separately metered and billed) shall be $29.05 per quarter for the first unit and $29.05 per quarter for every other connected unit, and shall include a volume of sanitary sewage equal to 5,000 gallons multiplied by the total number of units so connected (the “combined minimum allowance”). The charges in excess of such combined minimum allowance shall be determined by (1) subtracting the combined minimum allowance from (2) the total volume of water purchased each quarter as measured by the single meter and (3) $5.71 per thousand
for all amounts in excess thereof.

What is the $2.00 per quarter “metering charge” for?

It is to help cover distribution system maintenance & repair costs.

Most water systems have some kind of charge to help offset upkeep on water mains and related infrastructure (street valves, hydrants, laterals between mains and curb stops, etc.).  Some parts of the system are over 100 years old (not just Morrisville – lots of areas in N.E. US).  Utilizing a metering charge has helped us avoid rate increases for our customers using the least amount of water.

If you have other questions about your water or sewer service, contact the Morrisville Municipal Authority (MMA) at the Borough offices at (215)295-8181.

2017 Sanitation Billing

The fee for collection and disposal of refuse from commercial properties is $580.00 per year per commercial unit.

  • These fees shall be billed to the titled record owner of the dwelling unit/units.
  • One bulk item may be placed out each collection day.
  • Recyclables will be picked up on Monday or Thursday(as scheduled). Please tie or bag your newspapers.
  • If your pickup day falls on a holiday, it will be picked up the following business day.
  • For the disposal of refrigerators, air conditioners or any freon appliance, call 610-265-6337. (Republic Services)
  • Leaf Collection: Residents are not to rake or blow leaves to curbside. Residents have the options to: (1) utilize the Morrisville Borough Drop-off (located at Delaware & Riverview Aves.); or (2) bag leaves for pick-up on regular trash days.
  • Also, a Leaf Pick-up collection is held in the Fall of each year, at which time leaves must be placed in paper bags or trash cans, to be picked up separately on specific dates, NO PLASTIC BAGS.
  • Residents should check Comcast Cable Channel #22/Verizon Channel #38, for additional information.
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