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The Morrisville Environmental Advisory Council (MEAC) was created by Borough Council in 1998.  The purpose of the MEAC is to advise elected officials, other local government agencies, commissions and boards on matters dealing with the protection, conservation, management and use of natural resources, including air, land and water resources, located within the Borough’s boundaries.  (Chapter 29, Borough Code).  The MEAC has five members appointed by Borough Council and includes interested residents as Associate Members.                                                                                        MEAC has a three (3) year term that expires the 3rd Monday in December.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Borough Hall, 35 Union Street, at 7 pm.  (Entry to the building from the police parking lot entrance only)

Appointed Members: 

Deborah Colgan, Chairperson:  Term Expiring:  12/16/24

Nicole Rahman, Secretary:  Term Expiring:  12/21/26

Catherine Cicco:  Term Expiring:  12/15/25

Bruce Stevens: Term Expiring:  12/15/25          

Gary Wallace:  Term Expiring:  12/15/25

The MEAC provides our local government with an accomplished blend of hometown knowledge, expertise, and genuine community concern on issues pertaining to the environment and the quality of life in our community.  Please join us as we help to make Morrisville a better place to live.  Many associate members enjoy volunteering their knowledge and skills on projects and issues that impact the environmental resources of Morrisville.

The public is welcome at all meetings.

Ongoing EAC Projects

  • Morrisville Riverfront Preserve Restoration:  The MEAC is working on behalf of the Borough in coordinating the ongoing restoration efforts at this 8.8 acre naturalized riparian area.  We have been successful in securing County and Federal grants, as well as donations, to fund the project. The MEAC has developed an informational brochure describing the Preserve and its value as natural lands preservation.  Volunteers for stewardship events are always needed.  The Preserve is located at Delmorr and Philadelphia Avenues.
  • Annual Graystone Woods Cleanup: Every Spring volunteers are organized to remove debris and selected invasive plants from this six-acre Woodland Forest. Graystone has historical, geological, and ecological significance, and is preserved as a natural land preservation site.  Graystone Woods is located on Crown Street.
  • Annual Riverfront Cleanup: Each Spring, volunteers participate with the MEAC at the Morrisville Riverfront Preserve, located at Delmorr and Philadelphia Avenues.
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