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Meeting Minutes
Special Meeting 9/11/18Download 
Regular Meeting 9/17/18Download 
Special Meeting 10/9/18Download 
Regular Meeting 10/15/18Download 
Budget Meeting 10/23/18Download 
Regular Meeting 8/20/18Download 
Special Meeting 8/14/18Download 
Regular Meeting 7/16/18 Download 
Special Meeting 7/10/18Download 
Regular Meeting 6/18/18Download 
Regular Meeting 5/21/18 Download 
Special Meeting 5/8/18Download 
Regular Meeting 4/16/18Download 
Special Meeting 4/10/18 Download 
Regular Meeting 3/19/18 Download 
Special Meeting 3/13/18Download 
Special Meeting Re-Org 1/2/18Download 
Regular Meeting 2/20/18Download 
Special Meeting 2/13/18 Download 
Regular Meeting 1/16/18 Download 
Special Meeting 12/12/17Download 
Special Meeting 1/9/18Download 
Special Meeting 11/14/17Download 
Meeting 11/20/17Download 
Budget Meeting 11/27/17Download 
Budget Meeting 11/28/17Download 
Budget Meeting 11/29/17Download 
Budget Meeting 12/5/17Download 
Meeting 12/18/17Download 
Meeting 10/16/17Download 
Special Meeting 10/10/17Download 
Meeting 9/18/17Download 
Special Meeting 9/12/17Download 
Meeting 8/21/17Download 
Special Meeting 8/8/17Download 
Special Meeting 7/11/17Download 
Meeting 6/19/2017Download 
Meeting 7/17/17Download 
Special Meeting 6/13/17Download 
Meeting 5/23/17Download 
Meeting 2/21/17Download 
Meeting 3/20/17Download 
Special Meeting 4/11/17Download 
Meeting 4/17/17Download 
Special Meeting 2/14/17Download 
Meeting 12/30/16Download 
Special Meeting 1/10/17Download 
Meeting 1/17/17Download 
Meeting 11/21/16Download 
Meeting 10/17/2016Download 
Meeting 12/19/2016Download 
Meeting 7/18/16Download 
Meeting 9/19/16Download 
Meeting 8/15/16Download 
Meeting 6/20/2016Download 
Meeting 5/16/2016Download 
Meeting 4/18/2016Download 
Meeting 3/21/2016Download 
Meeting 2/16/2016Download 
Meeting 1/19/2016Download 
Special Meeting 1/4/2016Download 
Special Meeting 12/31/2015Download 
Meeting 12/21/2015Download 
Special Meeting 12/08/2015Download 
Special Meeting 12/01/2015Download 
Special Meeting 11/30/2015Download 
Special Meeting 11/23/2015Download 
Meeting 11/16/2015Download 
Meeting 10/19/2015Download 
Meeting 9/21/2015Download 
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