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Portal FIles

2-1-1 Assisstance DownloadPreview
Agenda 11.18.19 DownloadPreview
Notice of Public Hearing Morrisville Redevelopment Area DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Zoning Ordinance (2) DownloadPreview
Draft 2020 Proposed Budget DownloadPreview
Proposed Amendment to Zoning Ordinance DownloadPreview
Morrisville Active Transportation Plan-October2019 Final Report 10.28.19vec DownloadPreview
Trick or Treat DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 10.21.19 DownloadPreview
2020 Census DownloadPreview
Leaf Drop Off DownloadPreview
Leaf Pick Up DownloadPreview
Morrisville River Walk DownloadPreview
2019 Morrisville Winterfest Parade DownloadPreview
2019 Morrisville Winterfest Nominations DownloadPreview
Revisions to C-1 District - Exhibit Map DownloadPreview
Revisions to C-1 District Proposal DownloadPreview
Patriots Park Conceptual Plan DownloadPreview
Planting Workday at the Morrisville Riverfront Preserve Entryway DownloadPreview
Bucks Beautiful Announcement DownloadPreview
Morrisville Water Depart. Flushing of Water Mains DownloadPreview
Historic Summerseat Accessibility Improvements - Phase II DownloadPreview
Monster March DownloadPreview
Morrisville River Walk (2) DownloadPreview
Grants for Local Infrastructure Improvement Projects DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 9.16.19 DownloadPreview
PA Local Government Fact Sheet DownloadPreview
Food Truck & Music Festival DownloadPreview
Fall Festival & Vendor Fair DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 8.19.19 DownloadPreview
Select Morrisville Conceptual Proposal DownloadPreview
Select Morrisville Conceptual Proposal DownloadPreview
Select Morrisville Conceptual Proposal DownloadPreview
LERTA Announcement DownloadPreview
Bucks County Voting Machine Demo DownloadPreview
Night Out_2019 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 7.15.19_ DownloadPreview
Roadway & Travel Advisory DownloadPreview
Melvin Ave Basin - Bid Set DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 6.17.19 DownloadPreview
Morrisville Borough TV Show DownloadPreview
Morrisville River Walk 2019 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 5.20.19 DownloadPreview
2019 Road Paving Advertisement DownloadPreview
LERTA Public Hearing Packet DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 04.15.19 DownloadPreview
Library 2018 DownloadPreview
Borough Audit 2018 DownloadPreview
Business Associate Meeting DownloadPreview
Short Term Lodging Facilities Ordinance DownloadPreview
Recycling Economics DownloadPreview
Recycling 1-2-3 DownloadPreview
Curb and Sidewalk Inspection Program DownloadPreview
Spring 2019 Newsletter DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 3.18.19 DownloadPreview
Mosquito Control Program DownloadPreview
Bucks County Redevelopment Authority Presentation DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 2.19.19 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 01.22.19 DownloadPreview
Comprehensive Grant Program DownloadPreview
Tax Levy Ordinance DownloadPreview
Final Budget 2019 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 12.17.18 DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Tax Ordinance 2019 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 11.19.18 DownloadPreview
Public Notice Budget Meeting 11.26.18 DownloadPreview
Summerseat Accessibility Improvements DownloadPreview
Proposed Budget 2019 DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Playground Improvements DownloadPreview
Paving Notice DownloadPreview
Blighted Property Procedure DownloadPreview
Proposed 2019 Budget DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 10.15.18 DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Budget Meetings DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Parking Regulations for Business District DownloadPreview
Public Notice - Amending Responsible Contractor Ordinance DownloadPreview
Public Notice - 2019 Budget Meetings DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 9.17.18 DownloadPreview
Zoning Hearing Board Notice DownloadPreview
Williamson Park Playground Improvements DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 8.20.2018 DownloadPreview
What Is Blight DownloadPreview
Zoning Hearing Board Notice DownloadPreview
Playground Improvements Bids DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 7.16.18 DownloadPreview
Finance Committee Meeting 6.26.18 DownloadPreview
BC Meeting Packet 6.18.18 DownloadPreview
2017 Audit Reports DownloadPreview
Financial Statement 5.21.18 DownloadPreview
Bill List 5.21.18 DownloadPreview
Finance Committee Meeting 4.26.18 DownloadPreview
Council Meeting Packet 4.16.18 DownloadPreview
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